UniversalRemote.tv is working to solve the shortage of quality A1’s. With our technology we can remotely provide experienced broadcast A1’s for your medium to small live event. Our concept allows our Calrec Core on your remote and interfaces with your existing truck or house facilities. Our Remote A1’s can work with the onsite A2’s to build your show. All announce positions, efx mics and Adam Comms programing will be handled by the A1, just like normal. All audio for the router, production and transmission stays on site. No concern with latency or timing with onsite video signals. Everything is in sync, just like normal. Do you have announcers at home? No problem. No A1 for a show at existing Remi Production facility? No problem. Instead of experienced A1’s flying around the country and only being able to mix 3 events in a week our remote A1’s can do 5 or more in that same week. Last minute small studio or pre event show? No problem.

With a combined 30+ years of experience, Broadcast A1’s Shawn Peacock and Sean O’Gorman have worked at the Olympics, Super Bowl, NASCAR, The French Open, College Football, College Basketball, The Masters, The US Open, The British Open, the Professional Fighters League and The X Games. Let us bring that experience to your small national or regional sports event.

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